Success Stories

Benefits Gained Where Immediately Noticeable

Having previously suffered with lower back pain and injuries to right shoulder and ankles. I was initially nervous but relaxed quickly into the assessment process . Wendy has a very good caring attitude and shows interest/compassion with you. The benefits gained were immediately noticeable after releasing muscle spasm in just my right shoulder, my hips/legs levelled and pain moved away from lower back. This has been a huge learning experience for me and convinced me that this is an area/expertise (Wendy) that some of my clients would need and benefit from. As proved by improvements to myself and one of my less flexible clients.

Richard Edwards

Golf Professional

Dramatic Results In A Very Short Space Of Time

I had poor range of movement specifically in the shoulders and hips. Wendy was very welcoming and was able to understand my specific needs very quickly. The assessment was very well explained and easy to do. The exercises were also very easy to follow providing you can give them some time. Since following the programme my range of movement has increased dramatically. It has given me lots of confidence and has enable me to swing the club better. I would definitely! Recommend this programme, very helpful and easy to follow techniques. Dramatic results in a very short space of time.

Sam Lichfield


My golf game has been dramatically improved

My ‘exercises’ prescribed by Wendy were stunningly simple and with many achieved by sitting in a chair. No straining – No sweating – No effort. Over the period of three months I am a totally rejuvenated person. Not only do I have a range of body movements that belies my 63 years, but I have lost 2” off my waist and gained 2” on my chest – I even breathe better! My golf game has been dramatically improved and now, after playing a full round of 18 holes, my back DOES NOT ACHE – which is the first time in over 15 years.

Wendy – Thank You! To any reader of this recommendation I would say… “Trust Wendy; she knows her job; she delivers what she promises; listen to what she says and do those simple exercises. Your life WILL change for the better”.

George Smith

Club Golfer

Feeling Much More Positive About The Future.

4 years ago I fell off a 12ft ladder landing on my left hip, left side and left shoulder. I was treated with the appropriate physiotherapy for some time before being discharged. I was unable to work full time and had to give up junior rugby coaching. Lack of movement and feeling in my foot with pins and needles, struggling to cope with the pain. Wendy made me feel very welcome with a professional manner. Wendy is very thorough, biomechanics coaching is simple, effective and easy to carry out and fit into my day.

The pins and needles in my foot were gone in a couple of sessions and I have more movement in my foot. The muscles in my left leg are strengthened and the pain got less throughout the sessions and has now completely gone. I am back at work full time feeling much more positive about the future. There is now hope that I can move on from my injury. I recommend biomechanics coaching to everyone.

Dave Hughes

Self Employed Contractor

Injury prevention is invaluable to athletes

I am a 100m sprinter and compete for my local club Wolverhampton & Bilston. 

I turned to Biomechanics coaching after encountering two years worth of hamstring problems, which prevented me from training and racing. Physio treatment didn’t pinpoint the cause of this. A Biomechanical screen with Wendy Arthan identified major biomechanical issues throughout the whole body. I undertook regular Biomechanics sessions and daily corrective exercises in between the sessions.

I am pleased to say that this heavily contributed to me having my most successful season in a long time during the summer of 2011. I managed to run close to my personal best despite only having completed a couple of months training. This wouldn’t have been possible without the Biomechanics coaching.

I would definitely recommend Biomechanics to any athletes even if they don’t have an injury. Injury prevention is invaluable to any athlete and Biomechanics coaching certainly helps with this.


100m sprinter

Just A Few Sessions And The Tension From My Back Had Gone

I was suffering with lower back pain, my right hip was painful and stiff and I had tension in my upper back, neck and shoulders and headaches. I had ‘Osteomylitis’ to the right thigh and disease in the ‘Navicular’ bone as a baby/infant. These problems were restricting me physically. I was worried about my mobility and how it would be in the near future if things continued as they were.
Wendy introduced me to Biomechanics Coaching explaining clearly what I needed to do and what she was doing throughout my appointments. I was made to feel completely relaxed and at ease in this warm and friendly environment. After just a few sessions the tension from my back, shoulders and neck had gone. My shoulders are not so hunched up and the pain in my lower back and hip had gone. It is amazing that these simple exercises do so much good. I no longer have to ease myself out of bed due to pain and stiffness in the hip and general movement and posture I feel is much better. I definitely recommend Biomechanics coaching.


Customer Advisor

I Am Convinced Of The Benefits

I am generally unfit having aches and pains in both shoulders and arms, more so, on my right side. I found it nearly impossible to ride bike, I would suffer pain in my buttocks that would radiate down my thighs after only 100yds and only temporarily relieved by straightening out each leg. I have difficulty sitting crossed legged or when standing (pain under buttocks) gradual loss of mobility was affecting my game of golf that I was contemplating giving up playing. I also have a tendency to intercostal injuries.

In 1991 I injured my left knee while working I self-treated then was referred to an orthopaedic surgeon some 12 months after the accident. At this time I was diagnosed as cartilage having “popped out at rear”, subsequent cyst having formed then subsided. Some 5 years of general discomfort.
In 1994 I had a frozen shoulder for 11 month duration in 1995 I had a frozen right shoulder for 12 month duration, I had subsequent hydrocortisone injections to my right shoulder socket, left clavicular/shoulder joint and one for tennis elbow.

In 2001 I had a triple heart bypass (never suffered heart attack) recovery ok but chest wall has never felt strong since.

All my efforts to become fit seemed no good, hampered by my knee, shoulders and biking troubles, feeling that old age had caught up with me.

Though I was initially a sceptic I was impressed with Wendy’s friendly seemingly knowledgeable optimistic attitude and her assurance that she could help me.

Morale took a nose dive when I was first assessed having the extent of my problems underlined did seem to give me a very uphill struggle however further screens were great as I could then see and feel the benefits even if sometimes slow in coming.

The benefits now are numerous, no pain in my shoulders after the first three weeks and now full movement in both arms, riding my bike is easier and no longer painful. My Golf handicap improved 3 strokes in July/Aug.

Biomechanics Coaching has certainly done me the power of good I am a different man these days and seem to have more energy with it. I am in the early stage of what my Biomechanics Coach calls stabilizing and I am confident that I will achieve a better fitness level and function correctly as time passes.

I most certainly recommend biomechanics, I am convinced of the benefits, just wish it had been available years ago.


Ex- Army Medic

I feel stronger and more confident

Injury was affecting my work life and ability on the rugby field. Coupled with longstanding lower back pain which has troubled me since my late teens.

I was introduced to Wendy and Biomechanics Coaching via my rugby club. I had a hamstring strain that I was unable to shake off through physiotherapy, sports massage and stretching. I was a little sceptical about the treatment as I have tried other conventional methods without much success.
I was received with a very warm welcome and given a detailed explanation of what Biomechanics is and how it could help me. The screens were both interesting and informative. Each time a screen was carried out Wendy was able to show me the plotted results and show me the areas I had progressed. The coaching was first rate and after each session I clearly understood the prescribed exercises and goals to be achieved.

The benefits have been amazing. I can now complete rugby training and long sessions in the gym on the bike or treadmill without my hamstrings flaring up. The exercises and screens have also taught me coping techniques in the form of exercises and stretches that have thus far prevented further injury during exercise and the aching that used to occur the day after a rugby match.
It was a worthwhile experience that has improved my day to day life immeasurably. The way biomechanics looks at the cause of an injury instead of targeting the injured area has given me a greater understanding as to how my injuries have occurred. I am able to use the exercises regularly as a means of preventing and reducing injury.

I can’t speak highly enough of Wendy and what she has achieved with me throughout my Coaching sessions with her. The progress I have made from the initial screening tests has been remarkable as I have seen benefits in the sports I undertake but also in my daily life. I have complete confidence in the exercises Wendy has prescribed and I have already recommended Biomechanics to work colleagues and rugby team mates. The benefits of biomechanics appear to have been holistic in my case. I have increased movement, reduced pain in my body and I feel stronger and more confident. Biomechanics Coaching has definitely worked for me, thank you Wendy!


Security Officer Rugby Player

Before I met Wendy I would suffer with headaches

Before I met Wendy I would suffer with headaches that were so bad they lasted 24hrs and made me feel sick, I was fed up of being in pain. During and after three pregnancies I needed physiotherapy due to back and neck pain. I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to move by the time I was 50. Since Biomechanics Coaching with Wendy I haven’t had a serious headache. It’s good to be in control of my body and know what to do if I feel a head ache coming on. I definitely recommend Biomechanics Coaching and already have done.


Teaching assistant

Restricted movement had stopped me doing my hobbies

I was in constant pain that was affecting my day to day life. Restricted movement stops me doing my hobbies (gardening and needlework) I am afraid of losing mobility and becoming a burden to my family. I had restricted movement and pain in my neck, arms (when reaching up) in my shoulders, back and legs.

Thanks Wendy for being so re-assuring, immediately putting me at ease. I found it very interesting how the problems in the different parts of the body can be eased by such simple movements. Exercises were such that I could cope and do them without stress. I have gained many benefits. I can reach up to the top shelves with both arms. I have better movement in my neck and the pain in my legs and back is much less. I can now walk my dogs for longer periods, do some needlework and gardening. Biomechanics has improved the quality of my life.

Audrey Willams


I have been given advice, guidance and reassurance throughout.

I have been suffering with neck and shoulder pain and what I felt was sciatic nerve pain. I was overweight, felt tired all the time and was concerned of possibilities of other health related problems of being obese. I had a neck injury in 1980 and have osteoarthritis in my big toe, now fused. I was generally concerned about my overall wellbeing and decided it was time to do something about it. Wendy introduced me to a nutritional plan and Biomechanics Coaching. Wendy explained everything and answered all my questions. She offered me a mixture of nutrition, Biomechanics Coaching along with some gentle exercise. I have been given advice, guidance and reassurance throughout. There is a room where we can go to discuss and plan in private. I have every confidence in Wendy she explains why she is doing something and how the exercises will help. She goes through them with me to ensure I am doing them correctly.

I have now lost 3 stone I feel much fitter – not so tired. The pain I had in my shoulders has gone. I feel I have shed not just weight but lots of other stuff too – I can now get on with work – my general health and emotional state are much improved. I would recommend Biomechanics Coaching as it has made such a difference to my neck and back. Personal training and nutritional programme has been a life saver for me.



Life Changing

Brad 25year old works for an international contracting company and consequently is on the road from 6am until 8pm throughout the week and often out over night. When I consulted with Brad he said that he found it a challenge to fit any kind of structure, regular meals or training into his
working day. He started to gain weight as a young 14 year old and progressively piled on the pounds his heaviest being 14 ½ stone and 47.05% BMI in July 2013.

Brads Testimonial. I love to socialise and I enjoy dressing for the occasion, I like to look the part whether it is at work or on a night out but for as long as I can remember I haven’t been able to buy clothes that fit properly or look good. Being over -weight since a young teenager has restricted what I can wear.

I suffered with Joint and muscular pains, Low energy and mid-day slumps, Low confidence and low self- esteem, self -conscious.

Now, I plan my meals – I get home around about 8pm prepare or cook my food for the following day and if needed prepare and put in the oven the meal for that evening. I then go for a work out, by the end of the workout my evening meal is nearly ready. I have a shower then sit down to eat my meal.
My coach has supported me throughout by giving me the information in bite sized chunks that I can dip into she has shown me how to be more organised, how to plan my weekly meals. I have learnt about healthy eating. Such-as what the best fats and fruits are for health and weight loss. I understand that quinoa is a better choice say than white rice. I now eat nuts and seeds and cook with coconut and olive oil, I enjoy strawberry smoothies opposed to diet coke or strawberry milk shake from Mcdonalds. I have learnt how to make good choices and be in control of my eating rather than food cravings controlling me. I don’t feel hungry or deprived. I still drink socially and enjoy the occasional takeaway.

I am going away with some mates in a week and have just been shopping I was able to buy brand names get into a size 30in trouser (44inch at my heaviest) and a size small t Shirt (extra large) at my heaviest. I initially lost weight quite rapidly but then have steadily lost between 2 and 3 l1bs a week over the past 3 months my body fat is now 25% 9 ½ stone.

I still have a little way to go my coach is adjusting my diet plan and exercise regime accordingly as I now want to become leaner and more toned. My coach is helping to plan my exercise and eating plan around my working day.

It is a way of life for me now a complete lifestyle change, when I look at before photos I know I do not want to be that unhealthy person. I am so much more confident and can hold my head high. I did this I am in control of my life.



The coaching has been excellent

Having restricted/limited movement of head/neck due to chronic pain and tightness and suffering headaches. Occasional shooting pain in my right hip can be quite severe at times when walking. These problems have been present for a long period of time and were slowly getting worse, increase in pain and decrease in movement. I can be sat in a car for hours upon time that causes lower back pain and sometimes I get pins and needle down my left leg. Wendy explained how Biomechanics works without being too technical and in a manner that was easily understood. The screens were conducted privately and were very thorough. Wendy explained each part of the process as we went along and what it ‘measured’. The coaching has been excellent and well explained regarding the outcome and benefits of each exercise.

Over the years I have had physiotherapy and massage all of which for me have not had any long lasting effect, following Biomechanics Coaching my neck pain has almost gone along with the headaches. For me it targeted other muscle groups/areas instead of the neck directly (too painful)
This is the best I have felt with regards to my neck and shoulder areas. The exercises do take up a ‘chunk’ of time each day but the benefits far outweigh this. I would definitely recommend biomechanics. It’s worked for me where physiotherapy and massage have failed. It makes sense once explained how the body/muscles operate and affect each other.


Police Officer

I have gained so much confidence!

For years I have Struggled with my weight and fitness, due to an old knee injury – but since working with the very understanding and professional staff at ‘Time and Fitness for You’ I have lost over 161bs in 7 weeks, gained so much confidence and for the first time in many years I am looking forward to a slimmer, fitter future!




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