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Movement Preparation Workshop

The aim of our Movement Preparation Workshop is to give you information that will help you understand why assessing and preparing your body to move better, is a way of avoiding symptoms and clinical problems, pathology and pain.

Preparation for movement is vital, if we consider the lives we now lead with our dependence upon technology and equipment. It’s no secret that the “average healthy adult”, spends a good proportion of their day sitting at a desk, driving, travelling or hunched over their phones. Therefore, it’s really no surprise then that we are suffering these low grade non specific aches and niggles, is it? You see we are no longer leading that lifestyle where we have to go and hunt for our food, so our bodies are slowly starting to adapt to this new sedentary way of living that make our lives ‘easier’, less effort, quicker and in fact less active than ever.

Imagine you are a golfer at the driving range and no matter what you do or what you are being coached to do, you just can’t improve upon your technique to hit further. Well maybe its not you that’s the problem and maybe it’s not what you are being coached that’s the problem, could it be that its the way your body is stacked as a result of modern lifestyle. Let me explain…

The body is evolving all the time therefore, if your job dictates that you sit for long periods of time then your body will begin to evolve to that position, so 90 degrees of hip flexion and as a result of this the muscles will go into what we refer to as an adaptive state. and its probable that there is a sub-clinical muscle spasm. Now you will be unaware of this happening as there is no accompanying pain but a nerve has become tethered and this creates tension in the hamstring. so what happen is when you position your body in preparation to swing the golf club in an attempt to hit the ball your brain however does know that there is dysfunction or poor movement so it will try to protect the body from injury. It does this by limiting the movement or compensates by putting the movement elsewhere in the body, so the knees or the back for example. It may happen that you get a way with this for a while and continue to play your game quite comfortably with these compensations but eventually poor movement technique, wear and tear and uneven weight load distribution will begin to impact the problem.

but you’ve tried everything to improve your posture and technique, right? or have you?
so wouldn’t it be great if there was a method of assessing and coaching that could establish the root cause of your problem and give you an easy to do, simple step by step program that will minimise your risk of injury, and as a bi-product of realigning the body in a much improved position niggling aches and pain can be managed, reduced or gone for good.

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  • Improve back health
  • Reduce discomfort, stiffness and niggles
  • Golfers; Move Better – Hit Further!
  • Gain confidence in you movement
  • Improve performance
  • Reduce the risk of injury
  • Would you appreciate a strong foundation and a superior framework for fitness
  • Do you feel that you would benefit from specific home care advise and personalised coaching
  • We have a Move Better Program especially for you

Guaranteed To Significantly Improve Your Function Of Movement RESULT Better, Safer Movement, Improved Performance!

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