Fire Up Your Sporting/Golf Performance

Result – Better, Safer Movement & Performance

Hi Wendy Arthan here, I specialise in seeking out physical dysfunction for the purpose of improving your movement and function.

I’m not here to train your specific sport that is the role of your professional sports coach. However, what I am good at is training your function of movement. Giving you the capacity that will enable you to more better and carry out the instructions that your professional coach has asked of you. My Function of Movement programs will take you to a whole new level of fitness, preparing and enabling you to reach your full potential.

We have found that by improving the body biomechanically the athlete/sports person can work on their fitness and strengthen the body (in particular the core, pelvis and shoulders) in a better much improved position and then practice and work on their function specific to their sport, knowing that their body is not compensating intrinsically to create the desired movement extrinsically.

Move Better. The Result – Better, Safer Athletic/Sporting/Golf Performance.


  • Move Better
  • Better, safer athletic/sporting/Golf performance.
  • Increased body awareness
  • Informed of mechanical faults – (so are the interrelated systems of the body working together correctly or is there dysfunction)
  • Personalised feedback, corrective exercise prescription
  • Home-care/maintenance plan and advice

Guaranteed To Significantly Improve Your Function Of Movement RESULT Better, Safer Movement, Improved Performance!

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